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Carol Ann Creagh, Angels under my Bed

Angels under my Bed

My struggle with cancer

Carol Ann Creagh

‘"THE CHEMO had totally changed my appearance. My weight had ballooned. From being 7st 10, I had become a 9st 10. Read more...

Blackmouth and Dissenter book cover picture

Blackmouth & Dissenter

John M.Barkley

One of the most brilliant and most controversial careers in modern Irish Presbyterianism has undoubtedly been that of the Reverend Professor John M. Barkley. Read more...

£7.95, £12.95 (hb)

Farewell to the Hammer book cover picture

Farewell to the Hammer

John Young Simms

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.' Dickens' words perfectly capture the spirit of this fascinating story of growing up amidst horses, trams, cobbles and pig's feet...   Read more...

Sold Out
William Carleton, The Autobiography book cover picture

William Carleton

The Autobiography

foreword by Benedict Kiely

In the autumn of 1868, laden with accolades, but melancholic, written-out, and riddled with the cancer that would shortly kill him, the novelist William Carleton turned to a subject as rich and difficult as any he had yet undertaken: himself. Read more...

£7.95, £19.95 (hb)