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Exceptional Events

The Night of the Big Wind book cover picture

The Night of the Big Wind

Peter Carr

The day began well enough... The children were out enjoying the snow. Indoors all was flutter and bustle, for this was Little Christmas, and everyone was looking forward to the evening's festivities. Read more...

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Arctic Ireland book cover picture

Arctic Ireland

David Dickson

Modern Ireland has experienced not one but two Great Famines. One of these, that of 1845-51, needs no introduction. Its place in history is secure. Read more...

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Unexplained Encounters book cover picture

Unexplained Encounters

Exploring the Paranormal in Ulster

Sheila St.Clair

Forget Mulder & Scully, forget little green men, we don't need to look to fiction or outer space in order to encounter the paranormal. It is alive and well right here in our own backyards. Read more...

Five Minutes to Midnight?

Five Minutes to Midnight?

Ireland and climate change

Dr Kieran Hickey

Climate change will transform Ireland. It will bring scorching summers, parched lawns, water rationing and escalating rates of skin cancer. Read more...