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Gape Row

Agnes Romilly White
Sold Out

Can Jinanna escape the poorhouse? Will young Johnny Darragh jilt Ann? Will Mary get saddled with the awful Andy John McCready? Or will Happy Bill, the wayside preacher, nip in first and win them all for God?

A boisterous, rich, nostalgic book which immerses the reader in the cheerful chaos of everyday life in a small Irish villlage on the eve of the First World War.



Book Details

ISBN 1 870132 10 6

Paperback 200 pages

Book Reviews

"Picture my tremors at being faced with Gape Row. When I read the blurb telling me that this was a boisterous, rich and nostalgic tale, my blood backed up. The cover with a laughing fat woman and two barefoot boys chasing a pig made things worse. But my fears, joy joy joy, were unfounded. Gape Row succeeds in sparkling style." Irish News

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