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A Harp of Fishbones

Folktales of the Harp

Russell Walton
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Twenty-seven tales of mystery, passion, intrigue and enchantment - discover the deadly outcome of Uaithne's prophecy, where Thady Elliot's love of whiskey led him, why the harp of the Dagda Mor fell silent, how O'Carolan was duped, and the cruel fate of the harper who burned his harp to keep his faithless lover warm.

A collection of some of the most beautiful - and most powerful - Irish and European folk tales, fairytales, and legends to have been written on the theme of harping, along with colourful reminiscences of some of the great Irish harpers, explanatory commentaries, and a bold, iconoclastic introduction by the compiler, Russell Walton.

Book Details

ISBN 1 870132 60 2

Paperback 128 pages, 6 illustrations

Book Reviews

'Harpers will love these stories, but this is not just a collection for connoisseurs, it will delight all kinds of readers, and touch anyone who has a feeling for music' Derek Bell of The Chieftains

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