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Gape Row book cover picture

Mrs Murphy buries the Hatchet

Agnes Romilly White
Sold Out

"It's not for everybody to interfere, Jinanna dear, it's only for them that has the gift for interferin', and I'm good at it past the common."
Gape Row ten years on. The war is over. Michael is dead. Mary is in America. But the Row, as ever, is alive with mischief and intrigue, most of which revolves around the rumbustious Mrs Murphy. However, when John and Rachael Shilliday take a farm near the village even Mrs Murphy's powers are tested. For Rachael is a woman with a guilty secret, and there is no such thing as a secret in Gape Row...
With its strong plot, racy dialogue, and the author's vivid evocation of the County Down countryside, this fine comic novel is in every way a fitting sequel to Gape Row


Book Details

ISBN 1 870132 25 4

Paperback 286 pages

Book Reviews

"Mrs Murphy was a terrific figure in Gape Row, and she has lost none of her terrifying or endearing qualities." The Observer

"Gape Row was good, but this is better and even more amusing." Yorkshire Post

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